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F783 The DeviceNet option for the KEYSTONE F783 valve interface offers much more than just on and off control.
This compact package of advanced electronic circuitry, puts Keystone process valves on par with some of the smartest devices in modern processing facilities.
With all the features designed into this unit, factory managers and maintenance engineers can now focus on the real issues of running their factories to their optimum and rest assured their process valves will be looking after them selves.

Complete Actuator
Built-In Data Processing
Embedded into the compact clip-in DeviceNet module, is a highly sophisticated, reliable and powerful central processing unit (CPU) capable of logging, storing and processing large amounts of data extremely quickly.
This relieves the PLC of running complex and time consuming programs, which previously reduced its processing capability.

Programmable Servicing Flags
Keystone has again listened to the requirements of their customers, developing a device that not only makes preventative maintenance a breeze to implement, but actually does it for you. User programmable service flags triggered by internal cycle counters, tell you when the valve’s internal preset limit has been reached. User configurable open and close limit timers also trigger error flags to warn when preset open/close times are exceeded, while current and average cycle times are logged for diagnostic use.

No Unnecessary Downtime
Have you ever shutdown a section of your plant to maintain a faulty actuator or valve? Then a few days later another unit in the same area also needs servicing! With the Keystone DeviceNet valve interface, you will now have the ability to interrogate the valves local to the area scheduled for shut down to ascertain if any valves in that area are near or approaching preset service counts, and so avoid unnecessary future downtime.

Onboard Parts Record
Also stored onboard is a full valve assembly description, along with valuable, time saving service information such as valve and actuator seal kit part numbers, which can be easily accessed to help maximise uptime when service is required. User’s own part numbers can also be stored onboard the Keystone DeviceNet module.

Operation And Diagnostics Indication
The high visibility LED indicators, apart from giving basic valve and bus status indication, also serve as a powerful diagnostic tool, with a number of easy to recognise coded signals to tell you exactly what the valve or process is  doing.  Emergency Shut Down (ESD) and default position modes are also configurable to allow you to remain in full control, at all times.  An online node beacon function has been included in the many features of this device,  assisting you to physically locate any valve in heavily populated or difficult to access factory areas. All of this inside a module not much bigger than a matchbox, now that’s SMART!

Ease Of Use And Savings
A Keystone DeviceNet valve installation will save you valuable time and money by cutting design times, reducing hardware and cabling costs, and significantly shortening commissioning times, along with many other hidden savings.  What is more, if you are already a user of Keystone conventionally hard-wired valves, the new DeviceNet module is designed to be easily retrofitted into existing F783 control heads. It simply replaces the existing clip-in module, and is ready for wiring to the Bus cable.  The F783 DeviceNet option valve interface operates on both linear and quarter turn hygienic valves.  A full range of adapters are also available for Keystone’s extensive range of industrial valves, providing a complete DeviceNet package.

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F783 Exploded view