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David Steward

BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (Elect) from Auckland University

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE as an Electronic Design Engineer

Manufacture of Eurolocker/SmarteCarte/LockerTronics lockers, which includes Developing software (programming), Hardware design, Servicing, Technical assistance (Dealer & Client Support), Quality Control and shipping, Management of sales, Purchase orders & monthly accounting.

Operated as Technical Manager for Eurolocker, which became a subsidiary of Smartecarte Inc, for 3 years Developing software (programming), Hardware design, Servicing, Technical assistance (Dealer & Client Support), Assisting with the manufacturing, Quality Control and shipping for Eurolocker Ltd, Management of sales, Purchase orders & monthly accounting.

Design of a very compact Microcontroller based DeviceNet (CAN) Fieldbus interface including PCB Design/layout, Switching supplies, Software in 'C' and Assembler for a multinational valve company.
This product puts data and diagnostics into an integrated valve head.

Debug and Final testing of an 8044 based Telemetry System for an Australian Railway.

Design of an intelligent power systems relay to reliably detect the rate of change of frequency and operate trips.
This product could have prevented the large blackouts in the USA.

Networked Computers installation and support including Software support, Database creation.

Small PLC Systems Building/Programming/Commissioning.

Design and Manufacture of Automotive Racing Engine Management Computers / Loggers including the computer used in the Britten Motorcycle which broke various land speed records.

SCADA Telemetry Base Station incorporating a Multi Tasking operating system.

Software for a Point Of Sale system.

Electrical Consulting, (Power station PLC design/commissioning),

Add-on software for 2D CAD Drawing Program

Relief Lecturer in Electronic and Computer Basics at Carrington Polytech

Initial Electronic and Software Design of the Fisher and Paykel highly innovative Programmable State Controller (PSC)
Joint holder of the associated Patent.

Design of an In Circuit Emulator using EPLAs,

Colour Graphics Display (for mimic panel replacement) System Design

Design of Dataloggers, Telemetry, general electronic and remote control systems

Proficient in Software types:

Assembler (8051, 8086, 1802, 6800)
PLC Ladder Logic

Proficient in Electronic Design:

Digital Circuit Design
Analog Circuit Design
Switching Supply Design etc.
PCB Layout PTH and SMD boards
Arranging for production
Electronic Testing

Contact: steward.electronics
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